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Community Involvment

We proudly support the local communities in which we operate!

  We feel it is our corporate social responsibility to give back to the families, schools, orphanages, and development programs around us. Many of our clientele have been deeply moved by our interaction with our local people, and our community has been equally touched. Gladly, Joining Safaris Ltd. will accept donations to the area of need of your choice, in addition to sharing our profits with these groups.

Community Highlight:

  The Urisho Primary School located in the country town of Arusha is growing by the day! Joining Safaris Ltd. recognizes the importance of primary education, and we are thrilled to support this development that allows the children of a rural area to go beyond their backyards, out into the world to reach their full potential. There is nothing more valuable than an education. Many of our past clients have inquired about ways to give back, and many have donated such items as learning materials, health support, and even food for the students at the school. Joining Safaris Ltd. would be glad to arrange such, and integrate your visit to the school into your adventure!


Eric Urassa
Joining Safaris Ltd
PO Box 8907
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania